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Best logistical solution in Saudi, BPL Cargo is a logistics company with over 20 years of experience. Whether you’re sending freight across the country or over the world, we have the experience and competence to meet your shipping needs. We provide a number of services, including air cargo, ocean cargo, and trucking, so you may select the one that best matches your needs.

The management of transportation, processing, and delivery for large-scale processes with many moving pieces is referred to as logistics. Order management refers to the practice of accepting, processing, and fulfilling consumer orders. When a consumer places an order, the order process typically starts and finishes when they receive their package.

The most important steps in completing the order

  • Order receiving

The first stage of the order management process begins when a customer places an order with a company. Receiving is the process of accepting and collecting payment for a customer’s order. The purchase information is then forwarded to your warehouse, where your staff can begin preparing the products for delivery.

  • Order packaging and delivery

The packaging unit is in charge of more than just packing and transferring things. They are also in responsible of selecting the appropriate packaging materials for each product so that it arrives to the buyer undamaged and in good condition while conserving resources. After everything has been correctly picked and packed, the order will be mailed.

Improvements in order management can help you save money on order fulfillments, reduce delivery times, and increase order accuracy. This benefits your internal operations by lowering costs, enhancing supply chain visibility, and increasing operational efficiency. Excellent fulfillment also improves your company’s public image by resulting in more reviews from consumers who are pleased with their purchase delivery experience.

We are excels in receiving your orders and delivering firstly by choosing appropriate way of transport and warehouse smoothly and timely.


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