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BPL logistic company serve the customers with best facilities and effective networks across the globe. The service is measurable and one of the essential elements that make logistics service providers more reliable. It is basically relying on secure, safe and timely conveyance for client satisfaction by both supplying and shipping services should formed for a business to make profit in this kind of service. The company offers several benefits including price savings, easier communication and delivery of products in less time. It is the method of utilizing technology and data to minimize customers freight loads. The strategic importance of effective network is changing customer service requirements, shifting locations of customer and supply markets, change in corporate ownership, cost pressures and competitive capabilities. The products variations may impose a burden on distribution facilities. Logistics of planning is related to overall channel strategy. The promotion campaigns must realistically coordinate with potential logistics delivery. The pricing of firm’s differential advantage based on superior logistical service. The effective networks are the transport connectivity improving connectivity of modes and terminals infrastructure capacity to flow to increase reliability. The commercial integration of trade and commercial agreements mergers and acquisitions along the supply chain, cost, time and reliability of transport and distribution services of vertical and horizontal integration processes. Customs and security integration of moving cargo more efficiently across borders through pre-screening and inspections. It is the assessments of cargo contents, cargo integrity, route integrity and information integrity. The planning and funding integration of infrastructure provision from an integrated logistics chain perspective. The organizational managing labor as a group and skills managing individual competences to move cargo efficiently of minimal service levels and essential services. The interconnectivity of information systems with asset tracking, status monitoring, customs facilitation, freight status information and transport network status information.

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