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BPL logistics company offering an excellent quality service is what makes the difference from the competition and allows for customer loyalty. It is the aspect of more valued by the company as followed by factors such as flexibility, specialization, speed, business optimization and sustainability. It is a fundamental element of quality service in logistics company as it results of the sum of small processes that as a whole have the objective of providing an effective and lasting service. The logistics service has its own distribution network around the world though which it coordinates the flow of materials or information and helps private as well as other agencies to run operations smoothly and in a secure manner. It is involved in transportation management, information flow, tracking of inventory and supply chain. To prevent and monitor the access to the loading area the security is used a combination of mechanical and electronic safety barriers seals is used. Those systems help securing the active tracking of the goods in a real time. The security help immediate activation of the emergency signal and help finding objects on large areas. The interconnection with other systems like GPRS towards the customers dispatching of the product. Quality for logistics company helps to intermediary cold staging area for product handling, sealed loading or offloading compartments. To ensure proper sealing of goods offloading/ loading area and continuous temperature recording and logging. Process excellence is closely linked to quality. Supply chains work with impeccable professionalism to make processes flow in order to improve services. It is a matter of working with the greatest predictability to avoid variations that may affect the final result. Logistics operators are enhancing the care through the processes. It is proving to be beneficial in setting up a continuous communication channel and end-to-end visibility throughout the process to have enhance control over freight mobility through real-time tracking, ease of access, and transparency in costs.

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