BPL the best Cargo Service in Saudi Arabia

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BPL the most affordable   and best Cargo Service in Saudi Arabia

BPL is a prominent integrated freight, package, and logistics company that delivers packages to any location in the world and provides the best cargo service in Saudi Arabia. For more than two decades, we’ve been raising the bar for supply chain solutions with our reach and experience.We reach some of the most remote regions in Saudi Arabia, assisting businesses in delivering on their promises and driving results through bespoke transportation and supply chain solutions.”We’ve consistently evolved over the last 20 years to stay one step ahead of change, and this investment will secure our position to provide the future for future generations, providing opportunities for businesses, customers, and employees at home and around the world.”

We get the job done, on time and at a reasonable
cost, so called the best cargo service in Saudi

We are able to deliver more for our customers every day from coast to coast as Saudi Arabia’s largest courier and freight network. Because of our network’s size, you’ll have better package visibility, fewer hand-offs, and increased security. Excellent Customer ServiceWe engage with you online, in person, or over the phone to deliver the
products and services you desire, as well as provide truly helpful assistance. Our team is dedicated to provide you with compelling reasons to select BPL as your shipping partner. Innovation & Growth We’re generating growth for businesses of all sizes all around the world, from changing our network and fleet to boosting our customers’ digital experiences. We’re dedicated to providing unrivalled service while keeping up with the continuously changing demands of businesses,consumers, and employees. That’s why we are the best cargo service in Saudi Arabia. Our Core Values
Our principles serve as a compass for all we do for our employees, communities, and consumers.We want to be the shipping company you can rely on for every shipment by providing the proper products, people, and mindset.We cultivate a work environment where workers like their employment and recognise the value in what they do. We are in business because of our customers.We prioritise them in everything we do.We take steps to strengthen the communities we serve
while also conducting business in an ethical and sustainable manner.By being honest with our employees, customers, and stakeholders, we earn and maintain trust. Our management team Our Board members each bring a unique set of skills to the table and are committed to BPL’s long-term success and accountability. BPL is pleased to have one of Canada’s largest networks, reaching some of the country’s most distant locations. Our size enables us to assist
businesses in delivering on their promises and achieving their objectives from coast to coast


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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hass


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