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The top logistics provider in Saudi Arabia guarantees that your order will arrive on time. Daily life is significantly impacted by time. It is extremely important, especially in supply chain management and logistics. BPL Cargo is a company with 23 years of logistical expertise. In other words, we are experts in sending your shipment to its destination quickly and reliably. Your merchandise will arrive on schedule and in good shape thanks to our extensive network of connections.

We provide an unrivaled fusion of ease and dependability. Your product will arrive on time and in pristine condition thanks to our one-time delivery and dedication to customer care. Using a capable transport management system, goods and services are delivered on time to the final customer. Our effective freight services facilitate the planning and execution of real product transfer.

The seaway, an important international trade route, is used to carry bulk goods between countries. When adopting standardized shipping containers, supply chains may move more quickly, protect goods better, and operate more effectively. Trucks are the most common means of freight transportation across the supply chain. Trucks are frequently the first choice for moving large quantities of goods since they are practical and affordable.

Accuracy and timely delivery go hand in hand. It is essential to be able to count inventory accurately to guarantee that the quantity of items shipped from the manufacturer precisely matches the inventory in the warehouse. Our logistics specialists keep a close eye on the accuracy of the warehouse inventory in particular. A mismatch in inventory between manufacturing stock and storage stock might result in losses in terms of time, resources, and money.

Delivery on time increases consumer contact, ensures delivery reliability, and, most significantly, earns our clients’ unwavering loyalty. Customers depend on you to complete orders by the due date. Determining and meeting your consumers’ expectations is crucial.


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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hass

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