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One of Saudi Arabia’s top cargo service providers offers the best method for getting goods and services to clients. Nobody is more familiar with the needs of families and businesses than BPL Cargo. We provide our clients with the highest caliber of service and commitment thanks to our more than 23 years of experience. For your company, we provide full-service, door-to-door transportation and storage options. We can handle shipments of any size because of our extensive network of agents around the nation and the world.

Our mission is to deliver dependable, effective, and affordable logistics solutions that link people and organizations globally. From shipping and warehousing to customs clearance and transportation management, we provide a broad variety of services. With the help of our first-rate logistics services, you may streamline your shipping.

BPL Cargo is the quickest and most affordable way to move your home or place of business. From loading and packing to transportation and delivery, our team of skilled professionals will handle every step of your move.

Mutual trust makes any supply chain’s integrity possible. Customers must have confidence that suppliers will fulfill orders on time and within budget. Buyers must respect their suppliers by doing everything in their power to fulfill their financial obligations by the terms of the contract. This is because trust fosters a commitment in a relationship between a buyer and a supplier that serves as the basis for managing business processes together. Without trust, it is difficult for firms to connect, interact, and share knowledge regularly.

Packaging is a coordinated system of preparing goods for handling, transit, distribution, storage, retailing, consumption, recovery, reuse, or disposal to optimize consumer value, sales, and profit.

Building trust takes time; success depends on patience, perseverance, and a team of experts cooperating continually from the ground up to the end user. The best outcomes come from having the best planning and coordination for shipping, warehousing, inventory control, packing, and delivery.


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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hass

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