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BPL logistics focus our effective works in simple terms. Let’s think. There are a lot of established logistics company working in this world. A whole lot of new ones are going to get established in future as competitor’s. In middle of all these intense logistic competition happening, what make us stand tall than all others? What do we provide in our service that attracts a whole lot of audience come to us rather than depending on other ones? That’s where the two main areas of our service comes to the fore. It’s really simple – Safety and affordability.

A family who is trying to shift their goods and parcels these days will check mainly two features while searching best logistics for transportation. The first one is safety of their products and the second one is affordable rates of packing and distribution so that they won’t have to worry about their budget. We provide these two in abundance. We, as a firm are so proud to say that the main focus we are having is on the safety of the parcels and goods people tend to ship, either locally or internationally.

Affordability varies on several factors for all companies but here at BPL, we are not some company trying to squeeze out our customers as much as they can, instead we focus on building our relationship with our clients and customers, so that once you used BPL cargo, you won’t even have to think twice for selecting which logistics you need to contact for future use. That’s our motto. Hence, we are providing our service for all customers in a very affordable magnitude of charges as compared to many others.

Door to door delivery is another criteria which we focus on heavily so that the work of our customer’s will be as much less as possible. We value your goods and products so heavily and we will make sure that everything reaches the destination perfectly without any delay or complaint in a very affordable manner.

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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hass

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