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The best logistic solution in Saudi Arabia, BPL Cargo provides storage made accessible there by making delivery simple. The ideal storage option for your company is BPL Cargo. We offer a range of sizes available and our storage spaces are clean and secure. As an added measure of security for your possessions, we now have climate-controlled units. To find out more about our services, contact us right away!

As part of supply chain management, materials are safely stored in warehouses. Getting materials to consumers quickly and effectively depends on proper material storage. In a warehouse, materials are kept in a way that preserves their high quality.

Storage, or warehousing, is one of the most crucial processes in supply chain management. Your entire production and distribution strategy can be made more effective and practical for your company with the correct warehouse. There are two types of ware houses

General warehouse

General warehouses often hold and safeguard your goods for extended periods of time until you require them. Seasonal goods or big amounts of back-up inventory are frequently stored in these types of warehouses. Usually, they only provide a few handling and transportation options.

Distribution warehouse

In addition to providing a wider range of services, distribution warehouses also provide choices for short-term storage, handling, order fulfillment, and delivery. Distribution warehouses have a special place in the supply chain since they manage each step of the procedure from the moment a product is delivered to a retailer or client after it has arrived from a supplier.

A warehouse streamlines the supply chain, generating numerous financial gains for the business. When demand is great, warehouses store your goods for later use. It guarantees pricing stability and prevents income losses. Warehouses are able to play a crucial part in the supply chain thanks to seasonal product demand.



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