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The best cargo service in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, BPL Cargo provides reliable services to our customer. A trustworthy logistics provider you can rely on for all of your shipping requirements. We offer quick, effective, and reasonably priced service of the highest caliber to our clients. Everything your company needs, from shipping and receiving to warehousing and distribution may be taken care of by us.

One of the most crucial aspects of how supply chains operate is reliability because it significantly affects the completeness and quality of delivered parties, the time it takes to complete the logistics cycle, and the logistics expenses associated with supply chains.

We are always ready in delivery at any time and any place. Our reliable logistic service has such a guaranteed promises to fulfill your dreams in such way to making available of raw materials or finished goods and services. At the same time we ready to stock and ready to deliver. BPL cargo has an advanced warehousing management system to manage and control of our inventory with high security. Advanced storage facility can helps to increase the product flow to customers at right time and right place.

Transport connects a business to its suppliers and customers by transporting things from the places where they are sourced to the places where they are needed. It supports the financial benefits of place and time and is a crucial logistics function activity. With the use of reliable transportation products and services will reach the customers on time. Different freights of transportation such as air, rail, road and ocean modes of transportations are used.

On-time delivery promotes more effective client interaction, guarantees delivery dependability, and, most significantly, encourages customer loyalty. Customers anticipate you to fulfill delivery commitments on time. Setting realistic expectations with your clients and staying true to them is crucial.



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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hass


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