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The best storage solution in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, BPL Cargo provides sealed and secured storage for valuable goods. BPL Cargo is the proper answer for individuals who want dependable storage solutions. Our climate-managed storage gadgets are available a whole lot of sizes to suit your needs, and our 24X7 safety device guarantees that your property are continually safe.

Secured storage is an important factor in logistic and supply chain management. Because it should reach the destination on time .so when setting up warehouses there should be taken care a lot of things, because a warehouse can store both unfinished and finished goods. Goods for manufacturing or finished products for delivery are should handle in different manner. BPL Cargo takes all the safety measures for handling cargo.

Our stable storage centers are frequently inspected and nicely equipped, so that you may be certain that your properties are securely saved with the excellent conditions. All items are stacked in our warehouses, stacked in manner to easy access to any time for storage professionals.  All our secured garage warehouses are ready with computerized and computerized control of arrivals and exits to provide you 100% reliability and peace of mind.

BPL Cargo’s ware house prevents merchandise from being broken or spoiling and guarantees orders attain clients in tip pinnacle condition. It additionally minimizes the threat of break-ins, theft. It is going without pronouncing however understanding that your inventory is secure from damage and prepared to head as quickly as an order is available .

With the aid of a Warehouse Management System, retailers, distribution hubs, and warehouses may be digitally coordinated together with shipping and transportation.  Warehouses can run with improved inventory control provided by a WMS, minimizing superfluous inventory and maximizing storage space.





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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hass



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